Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking Action in the PYP!

The PYP contains five essential elements: attitudes, knowledge, concepts, skills and ACTION!
At Spicewood we believe that education must extend beyond the intellectual to include not only socially responsible attitudes, but also thoughtful and appropriate action.
Our Units of Inquiry are designed to be relevant and significant to our students so that they will want to take action on what they are learning. This action can be small: sharing a book from home to further a class's understanding, making a poster to increase awareness, changing a habit to reflect new knowledge; or big: raising awareness by creating a public service announcement, writing a letter to a congressman, joining an organization in their cause, or starting a campaign or drive to support something we believe in.
Spicewood students are ALWAYS taking action, big and small. You can check out our Student's Taking Action board by the atrium to see some of the great things we do as individuals and groups.
This year as a result of their unit on needs and wants, 1st grade became involved with the S.A.F.E project. Stuffed Animals for Emergencies provides gently used stuffed animals to those who need a special, cuddly friend. Students brought beloved stuffed animals from home to give to the boys and girls who lost everything in the Central Texas fires.

We are proud to be developing empathetic students who look at the world and know they can make s difference, one action at a time.


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